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Cinq Cinq Designers

Cinq.Cinq Designers

Pot + Pantry

My slight obsession with delectable kitchen utensils led me to feel a need to justify their plentiful existence in my kitchen. I definitely cook more frequently and can actually claim to enjoy cooking now - thus being a utensilaholic is a great addiction … well that is what I will tell myself when I am next at a car boot sale buying yet another set of vintage salad servers.

Pot + Pantry is a small kitchen boutique in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, opened by Donna Suh Wageman in Fall 2010. They specialize in new and gently used kitchenware and also carry a small assortment of food products from local artisans.

Kaamos Matti Syrjälä

Matti Syrjälä holds a BA from The Lahti University of Applied Sciences, where he studied furniture design. He has worked in a wide area from furniture and product design to interior design. For the last three years he has been working full time as a lighting designer.

Karmi Tea Canisters

Syosen lacquerware from Yamanka makes delicately and intricately crafted products for the home. The origin of Yamanka ware dates as far back to the Azuchi–Momoyama period (1568–1600). During this time, craftsmen developed their wood curving techniques that has now become distinguishing features of Yamanka lacquer ware. Shoshen lacquer ware respects the beautiful grain of natural wood and perfect base work. They intentionally don’t overpaint the wood in order expose the beautiful grain. It takes over a year to produce these beautiful artisan pieces.

Faraday Concept Project

A borosilicate glass and maple tea service, Faraday merges the task of preparing tea with the social experience of consuming it. The use of induction technology allows the boiling of water to take place at the table, without a stovetop or a steel kettle. Neither the serving tray nor the objects upon it get hot while the water boils within the glass vessel.

Faraday Project by Free Time

Bell-Orgel Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have designed wooden bells containing children’s musical box mechanisms.

The music boxes made of Japanese cypress (hinoki) and harvested as part of sustainable forest management practices were decorated by 57 different designers and design groups.

Petite Friture Products

Petite Friture is a French design manufacturer.

It was born from a hint of feeling, a bit of fascination and a lot of firm conviction.
A fad. For objects, their curves and their aspect. For their authors, their creativeness and their calling into question.

Bike Storage Rack

Branchline by Quarterre is a space efficient bike rack. I have been researching bike racks for sometime for a small design office project I am working on and these are by far the best but sadly out of our budget.

Sculpted with wood and metal, its adjustable arms can be tailored to fit each bike frame’s geometry. The stand can be leant against any wall or inverted to clear floor area in smaller spaces.

Score+Solder Planters

Score + Solder

Duncan Bull Products

Ernest & Co is a furniture and product design brand led by Duncan Bull. Ernest & Co is focused towards designing products that will not only stand out, but stand as timeless pieces using British craftsmen to keep the dying trades in the UK alive.

Knud Holscher Accessories

Maple Desk Accessories designed by Knud Holscher & manufactured by Scanwood.

via alwaysbasic

Studio Ju-Ju Wood

Winners of Design Miami and W Hotels “Designers of the Future Award” Singapore based Studio JuJu works across disciplines in industrial design, products, furniture & accessories, interiors, research and conceptual works.

Through extra sensitivity to human interactions, studio juju thrives to develop pleasant experiences with fresh perspectives in every project.

Solutions are focused on essence and simplicity, and each work is created to be distinctive, relevant and insightful.

Studio JuJu is a design studio established by Timo Wong & Priscilla Lui in 2009.

Renaud Thiry Ceramics

Renaud Thiry

Barber Osgerby Ascent

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby present Ascent, their debut exhibition at the Haunch of Venison gallery, London.

The collection is inspired by the structures and engineered forms of moving craft. Interest in these fields originated in their respective childhoods. Osgerby grew up close to a Royal Airforce base in Oxfordshire and spent many hours watching the airplanes flying there. Barber developed a fascination with boat design while sailing as a child.

The exhibition is open from 24 September until 19 November 2011.

Sohyun Kim Still Stills

Sohyun Kim

Designer’s Statement :

My biggest wish is to build the cure system. I wanted to be closer to people’s everyday lives and I started to train myself at woodworking and furniture design in Hongik University in 2000. I enjoyed making thing happen. But, when I was about to graduate, I could not find many problems in furniture and products which already existed. I found more the problems from an individual’s psychological state. I found more the problems in the social system which our community has been built. Lots of questions were raised up from this point. During two years at the Royal College of Art, I trained myself more in the social context under the thought of, Design cannot stay any longer in the self contained artifacts. I pushed myself more in the direction of design activism, rather than making objects. I explored in the context through the story, films, and situation creations. I was looking for the ways in which I can offer something to the community through design. I was trying to create a cure system which could train people and myself.

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